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The SPA is open from 11:00 am and close at 9:00 pm. Please note that access to the Spa needs to be reserved.

The Sauna and its benefits: it favours the elimination of excess liquids and metabolic waste, muscle relaxation, balancing of the sleeping cycle and acts to reinforce the immune system.

The Steam bath and its benefits: it favours deep skin cleansing, reinforcement of the respiratory tracts, psycho-physical relaxation. Elasticity.

The Jacuzzi for a relaxing water massage Breeze: Cold mist aromatized with min

Ask to our staff about treatments, prices or availability:

Tel. 0583 954106/07/08

Or write to: spa@albergocelide.it


Mental Relaxation Treatment (20 min.)   Effective treatment to relax the cervical area.

Body Scrub Treatment(30 min.) Superficial exfoliation finalized to renew the skin giving new shine and softness.

Cranio-Sacral Biodynamic(70 min.)  Bio-natural treatment working on the craniosacral system. Through light contacts it helps to reach a state of deep relaation and to relieve emotional and physical problems.


“Classic Massage” (25 / 40 / 55 min.)  Relaxing massage to relieve tension.

Decontracting Back Massage (20 min.)  Through specific pressures it gives muscles a normal tone dissolving contractures.

Draining Legs Massage(45 min.) Help the lymphatic system against swelling and water retention.

Holistic Massage” (70 min.)  Balancing massage acting not only on the tissue but also on the nervous system. Help eliminate toxins and psycho-physical and physical trauma.


“Coccole” (25 min.)  Soft peeling, tonic and decongesting massage.

“Refreshing” (35 min.)  Tamponage, facial and décolleté calming pack, eye mask and neck-head massage.

“Specific” (50 min.)   Personalised treatment according to skin types: dry, normal, impure or sensitive.

“Special Eyes” (50 min.) – Draining treatment, lymphatic drainage massage, mask and specialeye treatment.



“Manicure” (30 min.)

“Anti-aging hands treatment; (30 min.)

“Pedicure” (30 min.)

“Anti-aging feet treatment; (50 min.)

“Nail Polish Zoya” (30 min.)

Waxing” (Legs, Bikini line, arms, armpits, abdomen, total back, upper lip)

Pamper yourself by choosing one of our combinations

DAPHNE Package” (30 min.)  Soft exfoliation with application of body lotion.

NIMPHA Package(40 min.) Solar plexus area and abdomen massage. Foot wrap with massage.

GALATEA Package(50 min.) – Back decontracting massage, back mud wrap and leg massage.

APHRODITE Package(90 min.)  Body mask and moisturizing facial treatment.

VENERE Package (80 min.)   Body scrub and mask, facial and body massage.




Albergo Celide S.r.l. - Viale G. Giusti 25 - 55100 Lucca (Lu) - Tel. +39 0583 954106-7-8 - Fax +39 0583 954 304 info@albergocelide.it

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Centro Benessere, wellness center, SPA, coccolarsi, coccole e fuga dalla città, relax e benessere